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Do you have this bedroom design dilemma?

I have been busy designing bedrooms for the month of May and there was a design dilemma that repeatedly came up. I thought it was an excellent question that many of you probably have, so I’m addressing it here. Do you design a room for every purpose that it will possibly […]

Why is your kablan cheaper?

You don’t know anything about the building process when you go into a renovation. You assume the kablan you hire will do the job right. Unfortunately when looking for a kablan, most people are just shopping for the best price. People think they are saving money by finding the least […]

The ideal home office / guestroom

Susie  needed a nice room to work from home and to meet clients. She needed that same room to transform into a beautiful guest room each Shabbos, without her oversized computer blaring in her guests faces.

The Stay-At-Home-Office

As seen in Mishpacha Magazine February 22 2022, Family First Feature issue 780 Gone are the days where important papers are scattered all over the dining room table, and breakfast bowls are pushed aside to make way for your laptop. Since the outbreak of Covid, the home office has definitely […]

Get to know your niches!

Successful storage in every nook and cranny around your home As seen in Mishpacha Magazine February 22 2022, Family Room issue 25 Whether you live in a spacious home or a modest apartment, you have gold mines of storage in the nooks and crannies around your home that I’ll bet […]

Don’t use a kitchen company to design your kitchen

Where do you keep your ziplocs in your kitchen?And your Shabbos tinfoil and nice shopping bags, and your American spice collection and your extra vitamins, tylenol and sudafed that you brought home from your last trip to the States, and extra sippy cups and pedialite and …. If you find your […]

Sliding versus Hinged Door Closet

Sliding doors look so sleek, but will your kids' fingers get caught in them? When should you purchase sliding doors and when should you purchase hinged doors? Which is more expensive? Which is more practical?

Want it fast good and cheap?

This is a request that I get often and its not possible. “I want my renovations done fast-good and cheap. How soon can I get the new kitchen in? How fast can my new closets be installed. And of course I want only the highest quality materials at an excellent […]

Design and Declutter for under $20!

On a home styling shopping trip in Ikea last week I spotted a beautiful set of linens for just $18. I wasn’t there for myself and I wasn’t looking for linens …but it was a beautiful set, complemented my room perfectly and was only $18! I don’t own too many […]

Does your home need a stimulus?

By now, all of us have noticed every single organizational and design deficiency our home has to offer. And if our homes didn’t need a face lift before Covid, it certainly does now. The wear and tear on the floors, walls, cabinets and furniture this year has been tenfold! Here […]

Reno Rules – Time to Break Them!

Desk-less Chani is listening to a math class in the bed, Office-less Dad is working at the dining room table, Class-roomless Mom is recording lessons at the kitchen table, and Gym-less Mindy is trying out her new exercise equipment in the hallway. Our homes are working overtime and crying out […]

It’s Now or Never!

Parsha Shemos is  a big warning light for me and should be for you to and I’ll tell you why. Ok so there’s the obvious warning that when we begin to hear about yetzias mitzrayim it means that Pesach is coming and you better begin your organizing projects now. It’s […]

IKEA : When to purchase and when not to.

Lets start with the positive. I love IKEA. And I’ll tell you why. For starters – they have fantastic organizing bins and accessories of all shapes and sizes for all of your organizing needs around the home. Whether you are looking for something strong and long lasting or something to […]

Does your table double as a desk?

Where are our kids supposed to do their homework? At the kitchen table with the leftover pizza? On the dining room table between the piles of laundry and papers? Or at the desk in their room after it’s unearthed from all the clothes? It’s no secret that the kitchen and […]

Renovating your kitchen? Read this first:

Does your kitchen work for you ? Or do you work for your kitchen? Here is a list of things to consider before investing in your kitchen: Don’t cut corners. You don’t need expensive contraptions for your pantry or your cabinet corners, but you do need quality materials and professional […]

Hate your rental?

No reason to suffer for years on end. Here are inexpensive solutions to refresh your rental: Use fabrics– inexpensive valances or curtains, tablecloths, new linens, and throw pillows all in your favorite colors and interesting textures, can add flavor to a bland rental. Plants and flowers– there is nothing like nature to […]

Want your home to look and feel bigger?

Want your home to look and feel bigger? Here are some magical tricks I recommend to my design clients: Expose your floor . Show as much of it as you can. When heavy furniture covers the floor it gives the illusion of a smaller space. Install floating cabinetry on the […]

Simple Homestyling

Here are a few basic tips in home design to give your home a much needed refresh. The first step, before you do anything fun or colorful is to check the traffic patterns in your home. Make sure that your home is working. Are family members constantly bumping into eachother […]

Design an easy-to-clean home

Do you want a beautiful and low maintenance home? You can! The secret is the thought and planning you put into designing and organizing each room. Here are some design ideas to make your home as low maintenance as possible. Wherever you have the opportunity always choose hanging cabinets and […]

Turn your clutter into a design feature!

You all know how I feel about clutter. I’ve said many times in the past that ridding your home from clutter can solve many if not all home management problems. However sometimes the clutter really needs to be there. We all have items hanging around our homes, which look like […]

Just a sliver of space is a goldmine of storage!

Do you need more storage space around your home? Who doesn’t! With a bit of creativity and a good design – you can find lots more storage space around your home. Try out some of these newfound storage spaces and get your home organized! Use all your wall space. Install […]

It’s not your fault that your home is messy!

We like to blame the mess in our homes on the people that live there. And yes, sometimes its true. But in my experience, usually it’s not our kids fault or our husband’s fault, and of course its not our fault – but rather the set-up of the room or […]